About CWS

Headstart for Success

Code Workshops is excited to offer summer computer workshop for second year in a row in the Shrewsbury area that is geared towards middle/high school kids. We teach middle/high school students computer programming/coding by offering half/full day summer workshops.

For parents of teenagers who are looking for summer activities for their children our code workshops is a half/full day technology/computer workshop that teaches computer programming and coding.

Our Mission

We started the Code Workshops with a belief that early computer and technology education is not only essential but instrumental for students in achieving academic and professional success. Our mission is to deliver on that belief to each and every kid.

We aim to offer the best possible computer and technology education for students in an engaging and educational setting by instilling the interest and curiosity to learn more and innovate in their adult lives.

Our Team

Code Workshops are taught by experienced software engineering professionals with experience in various programming languages and application development. Our instructors expose students to the computer science and fundamentals of programming and programming tools in a very easy to understand teaching style. If students are willing to experiment and build on workshop material then we will be able to provide the necessary advice and guidance well beyond the courses and workshop sessions.

Code Workshops Benefits

One-on-one instructional education in an engaging waycomputaional-thinking Learn the fundamentals of logic and computational thinking Discover opportunities and careers in computer programming Students acquire the skills to continue learning on their own Gain access to tools and resources beyond the workshops Opportunity to establish communication/discussion outside the workshops