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Welcome to CodeWorkshops. Our computer programming and code workshops start with the fundamentals of programming where students learn with interactive tutorials and exercises. All instruction material is designed to facilitate engaging instruction by adult instructors. We offer both online and in-person workshops. Students will be able to learn and try simple to complex programming concepts on their own in the workshop. We introduce the concepts of computational thinking and let the students see the connection between their curriculum and coding.

Highlights of the Code Workshops

  • Students are provided with starter/template code to try exercises on their own in the workshop.
  • Python programming language is introduced along with interactive languages/tools such as PencilCode, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Each student is provided an online account to write, save and manage their programs.
  • All the workshop material and exercises can be used during and after the workshop at student’s own pace.
  • In person workshops use programming kits and learning tools such as MaKey MaKey and Arduino.
  • Online workshops provide one-on-one learning opportunities and support with adult instructors.


Personalized course material to suit individual student levels and skill levels.


Rich interactive and step by step instructional videos.


Students get a project space to work on and build their porfolio.

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