Frequently asked questions and answers about the Code Workshops.

1. What Is The Best Age To Start Coding?

You can start coding as early as 5 years. All our course material is suited for students that either in the 5th grade or higher.

2. Do I Need To Have Previous Experience Coding?

No. To get started with our Coding courses and/or lessons you do NOT need to have any previous experience.

3. How Long Does It Take For Me To Start Coding My Own Programs?

Not too long. With 3-4 weeks of instructions and some practice you can start writing your own programs. Our lessons and practice exercises give you step by step information and instructions to get you comfortable and be proficient to write your own software programs.

4. How Long Does It Take For A Course?

We offer various kinds of courses. Our introductory course consists of 4 lessons. This would take a complete beginner about 4-6 hours of effort per week for 4 weeks to cover all 4 lessons.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. These are sample of frequently asked questions and answers about coding and programming in general that parents and students before taking our courses. We are here to help and inform you to get you started on Coding.