CodeWorkshops offers various courses for different skill levels. We offer both free and paid courses. Courses are organized by student Level and we suggest that you start with Beginner level before moving to advanced levels.

Introduction to Computer Programming

The CodeWorkshops introduction to computer prgramming uses concepts of computational thinking to build simple and operational computer programs. Students start with blocks based computer programming to practice concepts and logic learned in the course. In addtion to blocks based programming, students also use a programming language to write programs.

  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Cost*: Donate to
  • Duration: 6 Classes – 9 hours
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Introduction to Computer Science

The introduction to computer science course focuses on computer science fundamentals combined with the computational thinking to solve problems. Students use Python programming language to code simple to complex computer programs using real world software tools. This does not require any previous programming experience.

  • Prerequisites: Introduction to Computer Programming (recommended).
  • Cost*: $80
  • Duration: 8 Classes – 16 hours

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